Previously back on 7/15 of this year I upgraded one of my 2 netware 6.0
servers to netware 6.5 sp5. Everything seems to be running fine with that

The problem which just came about while trying to upgrade my 2nd server
this past weekend is this: I received 4 errors in PKIDiag relating to Step
6 where it checks the IP & DNS Certificates.

The 4 errors that PKIDiag is getting are:
The KMO SSL CertificateIP has expired.
The IP address in KMO SSL CertificateIP does not match the default IP
The KMO SSL CertificateDNS has expired.
The DNS name in KMO SSL CertificateDNS does not match the default DNS name
for the server.

I also have noticed an extra screen running on this server since its been
rebooted. Haven't had to reboot since the other server was upgraded. Its a
SSL Handshake screen showing everying at all 0's.

I'm a bit confused as to all the SSL Certificate stuff and why it broke by
upgrading one server and not the other and how I need to fix it. The 6.5
upgrade warned me not to continue until this was resolved so I aborted the