We just installed a small wireless network and setup security on the
access point side to use WPA with a Pre Shared Key. We have 14 brand
new IBM Thinkpad R52s that we are attempting to use on this wireless
network. We have Novell client 4.91 SP2 installed on these machines. We
first logged in Workstation Only as an Administrator and joined a
laptop to the wireless network. This worked fine, all we had to do was
type in the name of the wireless network and the Pre Shared Key and the
Thinkpad joined.

We then logged off, unchecked Workstation Only, and typed in a username
and password. After a short while the client timed out with tree or
server cannot be found message. I have used this exact method joining a
laptop to an unsecured wireless AP as well as one secured with WEP and
it worked fine. These were older APs and a different model than the
newer ones we are using with WPA but it seems this method should work.

Any ideas?