I added this thread on the OES forum but failed to receive a helpful reply.
Further to my ongoing testing of migration to OES Linux, I setup a new
Netware 6.5 tree (with sp3) and managed to migrate both data and users over
from a Netware 5.0 tree. Files and permissions looked to have been
transferred without any issues.

However, when migrating data from Netware 6.5 to OES Linux server in the
same tree, the trustee rights are lost and instead the OES Linux server
appears the trustee on all files.

I am using SCMT 4.11 and I enable the option in the
data consolidation tool to compare files and folders (names, dates, sizes,
attributes, trustees and owners) but leave both Binary and Compare Ri/Di
unchecked. However, I can only seem to retain file ownership rights from
Netware 6.5 to OES Linux for admin edirectory account in the same tree but
not for anyone else - I am copying files from NSS to NSS volumes. Any
ideas please?