The target file server is new, with a different tree name, a different
context name and a different server name. I didn't want to copy rights
from the old server; I just didn't want it to affect rights for groups on
the new server. Nearly all the rights are granted by groups to the
folders on the new server. However, I don't think this is a rights issue.
I think it is another problem. Tested enough, the same user can login,
but fail another time on the same PC. It seems to be a intermitant
problem; sometimes the login script fails - I thought because of lack of
rights. The script gets an 8901 error. But if you login again, it might
want. It doesn't seem to be a license issue, because it can happen on the
3 or 4 person logging in or it might not happen until the 15th? There are
40 license on the server. If it happens, the next person might still
login without a problem. Then the pc with the problem can relogin with
the same user and it might work??? This is weird problem?