~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PKI Install was unable to create the organizational cerificate authority,
Error Code: -603

Would you like to retry Yes/No?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I am new Novell so please bear with me.

During the installation of OES-NW6.5 SP5, PROD CD (CD2) I got the error
message shown above. I retried a number of times but that did not work, so
I selected NO and the installation continued. At the end, under the "Logger
Screen" screen I got message telling me to run sys:/system/tckeygen.ncf. I
ran the file requested but nothing special happened. In fact, I think the
tckeygen.ncf had nothing to do with the PKI Error I got before.

Brief background:
- Someone installed the first OES-NW6.5 system for me. Later on I installed
another OES-NW6.5 server. No problems found.
- I then decommissioned that first server. Recently, I was installing
another server with OES-NW6.5 and got the PKI Error problem mentioned above.
- I believe that that first server had that Certificate Authority object
which this recent server is complaining about (PKI Error, etc...)

Please correct me if I am wrong but do I have to re-install the Certificate
Authority? If yes, how could I go about doing that?

Any solution, recommendation or advice is greatly appreciated.


Steve Orbe.