This seems to be more an NDS issue but let me explain what happened when
I installed a new OES 6.5 server in our tree.

This past weekend I installed a new Groupwise WebAccess/GWIA server in
an existing tree. There were already 3 other OES 6.5.5 servers so the
schema had been extended, etc., so I didn't anticipate any issues.

This morning, right around the time I upgraded the new OES 6.5.3 server
to sp5 and the CPR patch, every other 6.5 server experienced a 'critical
error' and rebooted (one at a remote site, 2 at this site). I had two
NW5.1.7 servers go to 100 percent utilization and was forced to reboot
both of them - they were both at NDS v8.7.3. I was expecting another
NW5.1.7 server to also go to 100 percent but it didn't happen, then I
noticed the NDS version on that one was 8.6.2 - which leads me to
suspect there are some issues with and the way it interacts with
8.7.3 servers. Couldn't find any TID's referring to this problem.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? And are there any more
surprises in store? Thanks for any feedback.