Hope someone can help me out, this is driving me crazy. We are a Netware
OES and Netware 6.0 mixed environment and just recently introduced a
new Netware OES server as a primary data server. But users connecting
remotely to the network via our Symantec VPN are unable to ping the New
OES servers by name or address, nor browse to them, nor map drives to
them. They are completely invisible.
The servers were installed normally and funtion normally inside the
network. They work with NetStorage just fine and their network
configurations are not different in any way.
Can anyone help me understand what could be happening here?

BTW, a tracert back through the VPN tunnel ends at the Symantec
firewall which is also the VPN (Symantec Gateway Security 5000 v3.0.

Thanks for any help you can provide.