I installed NW 6.5 2 years ago and all went OK.

I want to upgrade the server box and install/setup Standby Server
(from caminsoft.com).

I purchased a generic box (as I did 2 years ago) but strike problems.
It has to do with the video card. When I use the PCI Express video
card Netware installs OK until it comes to load the GUI, it then goes
back to the console screen and last thing loaded was


but it really had a hiccup after UIMON.NLM

If I change the video card to something really old, Netware installs
OK. The main board is an ASUS.

Questions are:
- do I look around for the older style video cards?
- could the problem be just this video card (its an Eagle GeForce 6
- does Netware 6.5 work with the PCI Express technology?
- should I go with a BRAND name box ie ACER?

I have used both my old consolidated 6.5 SP2 ISO and the newly
downloaded consolidated 6.5 SP5 ISO.

Any suggestions and/or advice gratefully accepted