I can't load the Srczcrx Raid Driver when I install a Netware 6.5 SP6. I
have a Se7520jr2, 1U 1400 chassis, 2Go Ram, 1 CPU, The SRCZCRX Raid
controller with 2 X 146Go Seagate and 1 X 36Go Seagate.

I succesfully create a 800Mo DOS partition. After, the Novell Install
process detect IDEATA device and ask me for a detected Storage driver,
because Novell didn't detect automatically the SRCZCRX driver
(mega4_xx.ham). Even if I give the path to this file, Novell can't load
the driver. When I give the Path, Netware display a blank driver name and I
can't contnue the installation.

I tried to upgrade my Raid Firmware with the latest (414E) and hope that
Netware would accept the driver but, no success. The old firmware was 413y.
My Bios is at ..P.10, I have upgraded my Hotswap from 1.06 to 1.08

Also, I tried to install Novell 6.5 Sp3 but, again, same issue.

A tested Hardware list pretend that this Raid Controller is compatible with
Netware 6.5 Sp3.

Help please!