we have a 5 Node NW 6.5 Cluster.
Service Packs:
NW 6.5 Post SP 5 UPD 1
edir 8738

Since the update of edir 8738 the following problem is reported:
There ar 2 of about 20 nss pools (shareable) which are, after reset server,
sometimes visible and mostly not.

After the reboot of the server we colud see the device and partion but not
the nss pool on the partion. After several reboot the pool apears, can be
mounted and used.
Luckily a minimum of one server could mount the pool.
With a lot of reboots now 2 Nodes can mount the pool.

We tried following without success:
- unattended full repair of edir
- local databes repair of edir
- recreation of the pool objects in edir
- nss /poolrebuild=volzi /rezid /purge
- nss /msarebuild=volzi

Because we can see the device and partion on every time one each server we
dont except to have a problem with the SAN or hardware.

Any idea how to fix the pools?

Thanks for help in advance.

Bernd Nagel