I am very confused. I have four Novell File Servers all running
Netware 6.5sp5. However 2 of them have a CPR release at the end of the
version line and 2 of them say Open Enterprise Server without the CPR.
I understand the CPR happened with the updated server.exe in sp3, which
I did apply to 2 of the 4 servers, my question is I am looking at the
Novell patches today and I see under the Netware heading on the minimum
patch list site there is a new patch for NW65 it is sp6 but under Open
Enterprise Server it is still at sp5. Do I download the sp6 and apply
it to my servers? Do you think I downloaded the wrong patch on my
other 2 servers at some point in time and if I did how do I ensure
these servers are at the same version. I am adding a new Netware
server and am downloading the Netware 65sp6 overlay cd is this the
correct version I want? Sorry to be so stupid I just want to get this
resolved and our servers running the same version, any help would be