I am testing the auto install with the response.txt file option and for
some reason it will not read the response.txt file from a floppy. I
have to back out of the install and go to the dos partition and copy it
to C:\nwupdate and reboot the server, then it works fine. Why is this?
I have the following in the response.txt file:

[RF Generator]
Install Type=New
NetWare Source Location=False
License Verify=false
License Local Path=file:/A:\90368026.NLF
Response File Name=response.txt
Response File Local Path=A:\
Response File Path=A:\

Also, we want the install to prompt us for the servers IP address so
orginally I had the following:

IP Address 1=
Subnet Mask 1=
Gateway 1=

[NWI:Host Name]
IP Address 1=
Host Name 1=

But I got an error message telling me that the ip address was too short
and it never propmted me to enter an ip address.

Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?


Scott Johnson