I noticed on one of my server screens today these messages, on the console:

11-12-2006 1:46:46 am: SERVER-5.70-0 [nmID=6001D]
Cache memory allocator out of available memory.

11-12-2006 1:46:46 am: SERVER-5.70-0 [nmID=2000A]
Short term memory allocator is out of memory.
5 attempts to get more memory failed.
request size in bytes 144954163 from Module RTVSCAN.NLM

That module is Symantec Anti Virus.

The server, in MONITOR, reports 523,113 original cache buffers and 298,749
total cache buffers, which look like pretty normal numbers to me, and the
server has been up without incident for a couple of months. It did not go
down as a result of this. The time indicates it was performing an overnight
AV scan, which this server does every Sunday night.

Any thoughts on what, if anything, I need to do other than reboot the server
and see if it happens again.