After SP6 installed, one of our NW65 server becomes affected by some
weird communication issue and it now runs out of available packet
receive buffers for an unknown reason (within a few days from last
reboot, a total number of allocated buffers arised to 12000 from 2000
initially allocated). Using the MONITOR utility to track down a source
of this, I found it probably has something to do with TCPIP.NLM (or some
underlying interface):

Address space: OS
Owning module: TCPIP.NLM
Resource type: LSL Packet Receive Buffers
Description: Receive ECBs
Number in use: 12 266

In such a state, I can also see this when checking LAN/WAN Drivers

Receive discarded ,no available buffers: 478

LAN adapter is an on-board Intel's PCI-X PRO/1000 (SE7520JR2), running
the latest driver available:

Loaded from [C:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS\] on 17 Nov 2006 16:26:54
(Address Space = OS)
Intel(R) PRO/1000 PCI/PCI-X Network Connections Driver
Version 8.24 22 December 2005
Copyright 1998 - 2005 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

On the same server I can see the following additional strange-looking
line when PORTAL.NLM is beeing loaded:

DNS resolving name for xx.xx.xx.xx -->
DNS resolving name for --> DNS Name not available

Instead of usual single line like this:

DNS resolving name for xx.xx.xx.xx -->

I can't find any trace of address anywhere in server's
configuration. I found some topics related to this issue on the internet
(NetWare registry being hosed etc.) but no way how to resolve it in

Maybe that there is some relationship between those two issues, but not
sure at this point.

Thanks for any ideas,