After a server reboot it seems my FTP server is having some issues.
Info , 108 , 11-21-2006 9:43:18 am , FTP Server started with
ftp:\etc\ftpserv.cfg as the configuration file
Info , 111 , 11-21-2006 9:43:18 am , Default context where FTP users will be
searched : O=mke
Info , 112 , 11-21-2006 9:43:18 am , FTPServer is bound to
(IP Address::Port Number)
Info , 119 , 11-21-2006 9:43:18 am , Invalid Parameters found in Cfg File
ftp:\etc\ftpserv.cfg. File Saved with valid parameters.

The problem I am having is that I have set the default FTP context, the
value that I have has been correct, and there have not been any network
changes. I even brought back a copy from a tape from last month and I keep
having the same problem. The default context should be o=ftp but I get the
above in the logs and then the server automatically comments out my
DEFAULT_FTP_CONTEXT line and dumps the value I have in it. Any ideas as to
what would cause this?