I just upgraded my server from Netware 5.1 to Netware 6.5 SP5 using the NW65SP5 Overlay CD. Upgrade went perfectly except that when the server boots I receive a TCPIP waiting to Intialize error and TIMESYNCH reports that IP is unavailable,TIMESYNCH established via IPX. The server fails to load anything else after that.

What's happening is that the NICS aren't being bound when the server boots. I can only bind them by loading inetcfg and reinitialize system when running in Maintenacne Mode (F8).

Server can then communicate on the network.

I have an ASUS PVL-D/SCSI motherboard with Dual Broadcom B57 NICS. If I load NW65 in Maintenance Mode(F8), I am able to load INETCFG. I have configured the server to use only one card, still didn't resolve my boot problem. Found TID 10072189 "Setting up network fault Tolerance and load balacing".

The server when initialized through INETCFG will communicate on the LAN, with a single NIC configured or both, but if I reboot the server; the server always hangs at the same point with the same error.

"TCPIP waiting to Intialize error and TIMESYNCH reports that IP us unavailable,TIMESYNCH established via IPX."

What could be the cause that is preventing TCPIP to initialize on boot?

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