Good morning,

As soon as we upgraded to NW 6.5 sp6 we could not use ftp. It appears
from notations in the FTPD.log that the upgrade updated the
sys:\etc\ftpserv.cfg file but we did not make any changes to this file.
FTP just seemed to stop working with the upgrade.

Users get an FTP Folder Error "Windows cannot access this folder. Make
sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to
access the folder. Details: A connection with the server could not be

The sys:/etc/ftpd.log gives the following error:

Error , 119 , 11-16-2006 9:24:19 pm , Sub-tree Search function(s) are
not available in the system, working with context level search.
Info , 118 , 11-16-2006 9:24:19 pm , Search List is empty
Info , 118 , 11-16-2006 9:24:19 pm , Search List is empty
Info , 109 , 11-16-2006 9:24:19 pm , FTP Server started with
sys:\etc\ftpserv.cfg as the configuration file
Info , 112 , 11-16-2006 9:24:19 pm , Default context where FTP users
will be searched : O=XXXX
Info , 113 , 11-16-2006 9:24:19 pm , FTPServer is bound to
(IP Address::Port Number)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm not so sure we should
update the ftpserv.cfg file being it worked with the previous version.

Thanks much!