I had a nightmare issue this weekend with SP6 and an AMD dual core HP BL25p
blade system.The current setup boots from san via fiber channel card. I put
the SP on three Intel base servers but the AMD based one would not get past
failing to init the controller drivers. Thought it was a driver issue.
Rolled those back to the sp5 version. No help. I made sure that the sys
volume was flagged -r because I have been burned by this before. Re applied
the SP6 and got past the controller issues. Then it would hang at SLP. But
when loading the stages manually it was actually cifs that was hanging right
after slp. Applied the cifs update. No help. So after a lot of testing with
loading the stages separately we came to the conclusion that the server.exe
is probably the issue. Partially because when loading stages manually it
would fail at different stages. And partly for no concrete reason. Luckily I
have a san that the server boots from that takes snap shots. I rolled back
to the pre sp6 (sp5) install and all was good. Also did the roll back three
times and applied sp6 just to see if it was a fluke. Got the same results
each time. I even made sure that all of the files on sys were not flagged
read only each time. Seeing all of the other issues happening I am thinking
this SP is a dud.