Have upgraded a server from Sp5 to Sp6 which runs a realtek lan card. At
the same time, another server of the network was upgraded but this one
runs an Intel 100MB Lan card.

The realtek server now will not communicate with other servers using
Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition 10.1.5 (Latest Patch), and the DHCP
server running on this unit also appears to have stopped working. The
Server with the Intel Card has suffered no problems.

I first noticed the problem when the server stopped receiving the virus
pattern update from the master server, so I have de-installed the
Symantec Software, and re-created the installation of the realtek server
into a new group. You can then usually move the server from the new group
to the old group, but in this case I get the message that the server
cannot communicate with the master server of the old group. The same
thing happens when I try moving servers in the opposite direction.

I seem to recall that this type of problem occurred with another type of
lan card on and earlier service patch release (2 I think).

Anyone any ideas regarding this problem. I may get an Intel card and
replace the realtek card to see if this makes any difference.