I have just installed netware 6.5 sp6 on a new Poweredge 2900 with a Perc
5 card. The sys volume was installed on a SAS RAID 1 73 Gbyte partition
which shows up in NRM fine under the ID:7 [V372-A1] MEGARAID HOST ADAPTER
[V372-A1-D0:0] DELL PERC 5/i f/w:1.00 (68 GB)

There is another 2Tbytes as a RAID 5 SAS/SATA array of the same card. The
card shows up under devices as top one
DELL PERC 5/i f/w:1.00 Hard Disk 2097151 MB 1 0 Bh
DELL PERC 5/i f/w:1.00 Hard Disk 69632 MB 0 0 Ah

But won't allow me to create a partition as it doesn't show up as
available space to create a partition/volume. Any advice would be greatly