I just had to realize that starting with sp6 the entries in the
hostname-file are ignored. My servers have several dns names for one
ip-address, mainly because of necessities urged by ZEN, GW, CIFS et
others like ngwnameserver, zenwsimport, server-w and abbreviations to
ease access to widely used servers.

From Sp1 till Sp5 the hostname was taken from the corresponding entries
in the hostname-file - now it seems as if they are taken from either
the hosts file or from the dns-server, but I can't rule out slp or eDir
completely at the moment - but which entry (first, last or some other)
makes it to the hostname I have to find out by trial and error. My
personal suspicion is the first entry in the hosts file.

Anybody else seen this behaviour?

W. Prindl