We are gonna give virtualization a try, we bought a new SAN, blades etc.
Running VMWare ESX 3.x.
The old server is well, old, 6+ years, 2GB memory, 800MHz etc....

The server will be a fileserver for the users home directories and their
roaming profiles. We have about 5 000 users and I estimate that about 400 -
1 000 will be active at the same time.

The users login and logout _often_ all the time since were talking about
students/teachers who move around alot.

The server has the master replica and a eDir IDM-driver plus NetStorage
which I'm planning on moving.

Anyway, how much memory should I dedicate? I want to dedicate 4 GB, the guy
who is setting up VMWare thinks that's to much, wants 2 GB. What do you

The filesystem will hold alot of small files since the roaming profiles will
be stored there and the users don't create large documents, are there any
file systems recommendations you have?

Same question regarding the NIC, are there any settings you recommend to
maximize the throughput?

Thanks ;-)