I have been happily running a Netware network for 6 years. We are now
forced to integrate a Windows 2003 server in our environment. We will be
installing IDM 3.x to ease management, but there are some steps we need to
take before that happens.

As I understand it we could leave DNS on the OES (NW) server and AD would
register the Windows 2003 server for AD alright, but to really get benefits
from AD we would want to move DNS to the Windows server.

2 - NW 6
1 - OES (NW)
1 - Windows 2003

Anybody know of some good documentation/books on integrating these network
environments? I've found/read some TIDs, but I am hoping for a book to help
research/reference. Here are the areas I am wondering about the most right

1. Can I tell Windows (AD) the Profiles are stored on a NW server? Pros &

2. Would this be done using Roaming Profiles? (I'm not keen on this seeing
as Roaming Profiles copy the profile to the local machine on login)

3. Could profiles be stored on the OES (NW) server using a form of folder
redirection instead of Roaming Profiles to avoid the local copying during
login? How to accomplish the folder redirection so managing individual users
don't turn into a manual editing nightmare.

4. Could the Home Directory in eDIR be set to a Windows server? Pros and

These forums have been a great resource in the past. Thanks for the help.

Daniel Blake
Milford Central School