We recently pushed our servers from NW6.5 SP3 to SP5a. Now we're getting pushed to upgrade them again to SP6. In both sets of upgrades, we're finding a strong majority of our servers never have a successful upgrade. In some cases, java will refuse to unload midway through the installation, leaving the server halfway upgraded. In other cases, the server gets near the section towards the end of the upgrade, where we're told to please wait while files are closing - 1/2 hour later, no more progress? Our recourse has been to perform a down server upgrade and during this round of SP6 upgrades, one of my co-workers has grown so sick of the failed upgrades that he's doing the down server upgrades as a matter of practice.

Has anyone else experienced these kinds of failures in the original upgrades? Am I missing a crucial step in this process? I've gone through the AUTOEXEC.NCF file and commented out applications that are loaded, rebooted and still not had any better success. It is interesting to note that our IS lab servers upgraded without a hitch and a new server that the users had not touched upgraded just fine as well. Maybe there's a pattern here?

Paul Caron, CNE, MCSE
Maine Medical Center