Currently the Master server is a 5.1 SP7 box running on *old* hardware.
We're in the process of testing options to do a new hardware upgrade
to a 6.5 SP5a box on reasonably new hardware. I'm running a test with
test boxes to duplicate, the plan is to create a new server in a new
tree that is 5.1 SP8, bring another box into the new tree (so we have
something there while I'm doing the upgrade). Bring the replacement
root server up with 5.1 in a test tree and do the 'save local NDS
information before hardware upgrade' from within NWConfig, copy this
info over and restore the data on the new server then bring it back up
as the old server. Finally, do an in place upgrade to bring it to 6.5.

Is there an easier/better/safer way to do this?