I run a NW65 SP3 server.
I has been running for some time, and i added Apache2 webserver to the
running server this week.

After starting AP2WEBUP, the apache2 screen will close directly and no
apache2.nlm will be loaded.
AP2WEBDN will say: no apache loaded.

I checked TCPCON for port 80 and 443, but the server does not have the
ports open.

I checked the Apache2 log files; no error, also no error in the startup
log file.

I did the PKIDIAG, no errors

I did a reinstall of ADMSRV, APACHE2 and TOMCAT4; same error

I did an upgrade to NW65 SP5; same error

I checked tunning HTTP* modules and only the HTTPSTSK is running. I tryed
to kill it (and not run PORTAL.NLM) but Apache2 still will not run.
ADMSRV also does not run.

I see just 1 error on port 2200.

Can the not running be related to the Apache objects in eDirectory ?

Please advise,

Jan Wiersma
the Netherlands