I thought I had installe my licenses correctly, but today I stopped being
able to map drives. In looking up the error code, I came across this:


I installed 500 licenses with iManager. The license object is in the same
container as the server object. There is a NLS_LSP object in the same
container as well. All the license serial numbers are under the license
object - 100 serial numbers, 5 licenses each.

I started assigning a server to each license. I realize that it shouldn't
be necessary, but I tried it anyway. I assigned four to my primary netware
server, and immediately the login script issue disappeared. However, the
logins still come up with an asterisk (*) showing unlicensed, and a version
command at console and also in remote manager I have the following:

"Server License: Novell Netware 6 Server 650 Not Acquired"

FYI it's Netware 6.5 SP6, OES SP2, new install.

Is there any easy "how-to" or troubleshooting guide for licensing?

Thank you!