I have a client that is using Ultra Tax CS and is having a problem with
client accounts after they do a proforma. After being on the phone with
their tech support almost 2 hours, there is no solution so while they go
back to the drawing board I thought I'd check to make sure I've done my
part. This is a Netware 6.5.6 server. The workstations are XP Pro. The
client is sp2. I haven't gotten around to sp3 yet. Oplocks and client
file caching are off on the server. I made sure that file caching is off
on the client. True commit is on.

In case you care, the error message is "Ultra Tax CS: Could not copy
client Fixed Asset files"

There is a thread back on 12-4 about "Oppotunistic Locking Level II - is
it working yet?" Which got me to wondering if I'm blind or is that not in
the client. Is it off? If not, how do I turn it off on the client?

Just want to be sure. Thanks