maybe this is more an Nsure Audit question, but maybe not, so I post it

I have setup Audit 2.0.2 to log login and logout times from all users on my
NW6.5SP5 server. I wrote a small Access Tool to analyse the log files of
Audit. On my server Audit works with MySQL. If I do a ODBC connection with
MS Access to my server I can import all data from Audit. But all files I
connected to with ODBC seem to be held open. When I look on RM ->
"Volumes" -> "Data Volume" -> "Open Files" I can still see some xxxxxxx.MYD
and xxxxxxx.MYI files which are held open by User "Server". The current
files which are named log.MYI and log.MYD must held open, but all other

Can I simply close those files in RM without crashing the MySQL database? My
does these files held open?

Thanks for your suggestions.