I am upgrading my 3 node cluster from NW6.0 to NW6.5. I run the Japanese
Language support on all three nodes. I have upgraded 1 node to 6.5sp5 and
now my Japanese files show up as Cyrillic characters when my volume resource
is hosted on the upgraded 6.5 node. all 6.0 nodes were built with the SP3
overlay CD and the additional Language support added through NWCONFIG to
support Japanese files. the primary codepage for all servers is 437 (English

My workstations are XP SP2 with the NC4.91sp2 installed running the
UTF8/NCPs support. When I create new files from the client and with the
resource loaded on the NW6.5 node no problems- but I cannot see the files
that were created originally. another problem exists when I fail the volume
resource back to one of the 6.0 nodes all the files in the folder that I
created the new file disappear. for them to reappear I need to create a new
folder and press F5 and they re-appear.

I am stumped, I just need functionality as it currently is to be there.