I'm new to the Novell world and I just recently purchase an IBM server,
installed with OES (Netware)

The idea now is to Migrate from Novell 4.11 to the Netware.

My source drive has 1.7GB of free space - and I do not know the most
recent patch on the Netware 4.11.

When the Netware was installing, the Pre-migration option was not
selected when installing the Netware 6.5

Now I am face with two options:

1. Do the migration and hope this will work
2. copy and paste the data from the 4.11 to the Netware OES and recreate
all the user ID. (will take a long time - but it's a sure thing.)

Anyone can give me some advice and my be some how-to? I would love to do
the migration - but I don't want to go that route if it's going to be a
colossal failure.