I am upgrading our Tree. We have a mix of NetWare 5.0 and 6.0. Our
[Root] servers are NW6.0 sp3. We need to do a hardware upgrade first
then os upgrade (not enuf space on old servers to do the upgrade).

The problem:

We purchased some PC's that use the Intel DQ965GF motherboard. They
have RAID 5 using an Adaptec Raid controller and they are SATA drives.
The problem we are having is that at the point in the install when it
switches to NetWare we lose contact with the CDROM drive. The CDROM
drive is IDE but this motherboard only supports IDE thru a SATA IDE
emulation (legacy mode in the BIOS). We have tried everything we can
think of and it always fails at the same point.

Thanks for any advice (we have a SATA DVD drive on order).

Jim Siverns
Thames Valley District School Board