In order to fix a problem with WebAccess, I have had to reinstall NW6 on
my web server - the first time I did it, there were no problems and
during the install when I chose to join an existing Tree, I was able to
browse to the Tree and Context and login as admin. The install did not
fix my WebAccess problem and I decided to try installing again. This
time (and my 5 subsequent attempts) I have not been able to join the
existing Tree by browsing, sorry I did not think to copy the exact
error, basically it says that network problems prevent accessing the
tree by browsing so I need to manually enter the name of the tree and
context, after doing so, I get another message saying still cannot
connect and to enter IP address, when I enter the IP, then it allows me
to connect, extend the schema and proceed with the install.

Unfortunately, after completing the install and installing NW6SP5, i
still cannot get WebAccess to load because it cannot connect to the
postoffice domain on my main server. DSrepair on the main server shows
no errors and it is able to get network addresses for both itself and
the secondary web server. DSRepair on the web server returns an error
that it cannot get a network address for the main server - which the
WebAccess person I consulted says was the reason WA won't load, but she
did not know how to resolve it and suggested I post to this forum.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
David Dexter