Well DONE Novell! I can see the relationship with Microsoft is already
having it's effect. I have a client who actually USES MYSQL, so MONTHS
ago, I carefully upgraded his MySQL to version 5 because he was having
problems with Version 4

Then out comes SP6, which, seeing no really adverse comments on the Forums
about it and having this blind unswerving faith in Novell that they won't
screw up unfixably, I install SP6 on not one but THREE Novell Servers all
running.... yup you guessed it... MYSQL. Then guess what?

My client calls me in a panic. They have lost all their databases. Well
no, not quite, just that Novell a la Microsoft now, carefully OVERWRITES
the upgraded to MYSQL v5 databases with MYSQL v4. Now I have a VERY
unhappy customer and a LOT of work, so close to Christmas.

If you run MySQL DO NOT USE SP6.

WAKE UP NOVELL, you haven't been taken over by Microshite...yet!