We upgraded last weekend from Netware 6.5 SP5 to Netware 65 SP6. About
half of our sites reported performance problems. What we found is a bug
in the Q57.lan driver that comes with SP6. If you are running 10 or 100
half duplex and have specified that in either inetcfg or on the driver
load line, the parameter is ignored and the connection is forced on the
server end to FULL DUPLEX. so if the port is set to half you get a
mismatch and communications problems. If you reset the connection to
Auto than the connection will be made at half duplex. If you are
running at full duplex you will not see the problem or at gig you will
not see the problem because on gig you will be set to AUTO. I tested
this with the Q57.LAN driver that came in SP5 and this problem doesn't