Every time I try to install a copy of Netware 6.5 OES on a specific 64
bit PC, it quits the installer after searching for drivers.

The "Logger Screen" shows: (Last 5 lines)

Removed search 2: [DOS Path] Z:\DRIVERS\
Removed search 1: [DOS Path] Z:\DRIVERS\TMP\
Z: Drive being deactivated
Module TEMPDISK.DSK unloaded
SERVER-5.70-151: Unable to find load file NSSMU

The system just stops there:

I am attempting to try out Novell in an attempt to understand the novell
system better, however, at present I only have 2 machines capable of
running it, and one is 64 bit, the other is my desktop (in which I am
reluctant to add Netware as an OS). Would 64 bittyness be the root of
my problem?

When booting from NW65OS Trial CD I answered:


Then used the UK keyboard and language.

System specs:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
A8V-VM Motherboard
10GB Western Digital HDD
CD-RW/DVD Combo drive

Any ideas?

I will try on my I386 pc now, and see what happens.