Upgraded from Win95/NW3.21 and NW3.12 to XP/NW4.91sp2 and NW6. Everything
is working very well except XP printing (app is dos based).

Few questions...

1) How can I create (console1, how?) and manage(nwadmin, how?) bindery
print ques from NW6.0.

2) There is a 30 second delay printing from dos (btrieve app) for XP. Is
this an XP dos or a Novell 4.91 issue. any resolutions?

3) Just switched to XP and NW6 from win95 and nw3.12. Printing was more
reliable with win95. Can XP and nw6 bindery print ques be setup to
provide reliable printing. How? The bigest issue i'm having is forever
spooling print jobs (multi print jobs in the XP 30 sec. print wait window
seems to cause this). Basically I have the same 3.12 print server. The
bindery print ques are setup inside the app and haven't changed. The
client has changed to XP (this is the trouble area I think) and I am
using nw6/psql8 (which shouldn't be relevant for printing?)
How can I best troubleshoot this?