We plan on building a couple of NW 6.5 servers to be sent to branch
offices. We do not know what the IP addresses will be at the branch
offices yet.

Once they are installed at the remote locations, we will have remote KVM
access to the console. We will have console access even before the
server is on the correct IP address. NRM has a tool for changing the IP
address but how to I set the IP address on NRM so I can access it to
change the IP addresses? Sounds like a Catch-22!

TID 10088753 mentions forcing a limber process after the IP change. What
other concerns are there with an IP address change? Note we plan to
place the servers in the production tree (without replicas) when they are
built here. Would it be better to build them in a temporary tree and
then place in the production tree after they are installed at branch
offices with IP cconfigured?