HP ProLiant ML 370 with Smart Array 641, NW 6.5 SP5. This server holds a
RW replica of Root. It is also a DHCP & DNS server.

It had error: Critical sectioning prevents requested fatfs operation.
Reboot the server then got unable to exec server. Insufficient memory.
Cannot load file and stayed at C prompt.

Another reboot and it own even boot. Noticed the Smart Array is not seen
during bootup so suspect problem with the controller. I have placed
service call with HP to change the controller and I am hoping the array
should still be there. Is this assumption correction or the above error
will cause corruption to the logical drive as well?

If I need to rebuild the server, since the server/dns/dhcp objects all
exists, do I delete those objects in NDS and reinstall the server?

Is there a special instructions to reinstall a down server?

Help is much appreciated.