We're a small business that has been using NetWare for years and years,
but the server is ancient and 5.1, although very stable, is obviously
way,way old.

We're planning to buy a new server for the new NOS, but don't know
whether to go with 6.5 or OES.

The issues:
1. Support for NW is hard to find so we depend on ourselves
2. We're quite comfortable with NetWare. 5.1 has been solid as a rock,
but the hardware's aging badly (we've already replaced two drives) so we
really do have to make a change.
3. We're used to drive mapping (actually depend on it quite a bit) and
the NW Admin utilities, the NW client, etc., etc.
4. We're reasonably smart technically, but don't want to change how
we've organized our server or anything. We basically just want to
install a new NOS on a new server, restore all our data from tape and
get on with business.

So, which is the better bet: 6.5 or OES?