I am trying to install Netware 6.5 SP5 (from ISO imaged CD) on a Gateway

I boot from the CD and run the new server installation in MANUAL mode.
After selecting the drivers, I get a pink screen with the message:

'No CD-ROM device was detected in this system. Load the appropriate
driver (HAM).'

IDEATA.CDM and IDECD.HAM are both loaded.

In the BIOS, there are five IDE controller options. The CDROM is on the
second one as the MASTER. The jumper on the floppy drive is set to
MASTER. All other IDE controller slots (Primary, third, fourth, and
fifth) are detected as 'Not installed'.

Gateway has told me the floppy drive, which I do not have, is always on
the PRIMARY MASTER. The CD is always on the Secondary MASTER.

Any ideas as to what is causing this error ?

Any suggestions on a workaround ? Maybe a USB external CDROM ?