Hello list.

We want to upgrade our HP Proliant machines (ML350 G3 & DL360 G3) from NW6.5 Sp4 to OES Workgroup-Suite. What will be the right way here? Upgrade or reinstall? I want lose my Edir, settings and files, so I would try to make an upgrade.

What's about your opinions?
Is there a manual for these procedure available?

My Netware Apps:
GW 6.5.7, ZFD 4.01,Tobit Faxware 7,Iprint, IManager 2.01, Gwava 3.70,
Redline,Reveal, Apache 2.0.54, BackupExec RemoteAgent, Powerchute Network shutdown

Thanks in advance for your advices.

Best regards from Hannover, Germany.

Dirk Emmermacher