The install of SP6 went relatively well, expect for my mistake of not backing up php.ini (whoops...that got overwritten). The thing that is bothering me, however, is that the novell welcome page at https://servername:2200 which lists the installed software and has links to the management (ie manage apache, phpmyadmin, whatever) now shows "install [module]" where module is the name of the software.

This was useful so I didn't have to make 100 bookmarks for every server to get to various admin pages.

Additionally, when using phpmyadmin to "browse" a table we're seeing a pagefault in adminsrv on the console:

1-02-2007 3:41:36 pm: SERVER-5.70-2187 [nmID=D0006]
Removed address space because of memory protection violation
Address Space: ADMINSRV
Reason: Page Fault, Attempt to read from non-present page
Running Thread: Apache_Worker 2
EIP: 0xF50EC321 (PHP5LIB.NLM + 0xB7321)
Access Locat

I saw a few others were having this problem but were told to call novell - I don't think we can fork out $650 just for phpmyadmin