I had to reinstall one of my Netware 6.5 SP5 servers. After reinstalling
the system picked up my NSS volumes and I was able to verify the rights
assigned to those volumes. Everything seemed up and running and users
were able to map drives to the volumes via the login script. Recently we
have been seeing various users getting the server unknown error when
logging into the system. The errors are being generated by the attempts
to map drives to this same server. When I initially reinstalled the
server I inadvertently restored the eDirectory info to the server. This
cause some minor issues at the time but I was able to run dsrepair to
fix. I am wondering if maybe there is still something hanging around from
the old instance of my server that is making the drive mappings fail.
When I browse for the server through my network places I cannot see it -
the only way I can get to the volumes is by drilling down through the
tree. Would the solution to this problem be to remove the replica's
stored on this server and remove it from the tree, then re-add it to the
tree and re-add the replicas? If so how would I go about doing it?