Well, I'm going to try and post this again. I've removed all attachments and the config.txt file insertion now. I will try to post the config.txt file separately from this message, so I can get this posted.

We are running NetWare 6.5 SP5 on a Proliant ML350 G3, PSP 7.60a. The Q57 Lan driver has been upgraded to version 9.72. The server was running both IPX and IP, but during a recent 'Best Practices' review, we removed IPX, as we don't use it anymore on the LAN/WAN. We've followed the Best Practices doc on 10+ servers with no problems, so it doesn't follow the changes suggested in the document.

After IPX was unloaded, Timesync won't sync upon server bootup, because it says it's waiting for TCP/IP to be initialized. However, once the server is booted, if you unload and reload timesync, it syncs up fine. I tried pasting the printscreen of the message on the logger screen, but if I do, I can't post this forum message - probably too big. So, it says upon bootup:

Logger Screen section:

TCPIP.NLM autoloaded TCP.NLM Auto-Loading Module BSDSOCK.NLM
Auto-loading module BSDSOCK.NLM
Loading BSDSOCK.NLM load status OK
Module TCPIP.NLM load status OK
Module BTCPCOM.NLM load status OK
This module is ALREADY loaded and cannot be loaded more than once.

Btrieve TCP/IP Communications Module
Copyright (C) Pervasive Software Inc. 2003
All Rights Reserved.

Loading module DXEVENT.NLM
DirXML Even Module for Novell eDirectory 8.6.1
Version 10210.42 December 4, 2001
Copyright 1999-2001 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. Patent Pending.
Module DXEVENT.NLM load status OK

TimeSync: Waiting for TCP/IP to be initialized - about 17 times
Admin volume startup error logging the server in - -634
Unable to verify _admin volume object in eDirectory
TimeSync: Waitin for TCP/IP to be initialized - one more time
GAMS loads properly

We are seeing another issue which didn't happen before the review, but I hesitated mentioning it as I'm not sure it is linked to this problem. When the ARCserve 11.1 SP2 job kicks off, the server abends now. This started at the same time we removed IPX and the TCP/IP issue occurred, but I didn't want to link them automatically, as we have all kinds of 'unique' problems with ARCserve. The abend log is within the config.txt file below (removed it). We have also found a new file from BrightStor that is supposed to fix the abend, which we're trying tonight.

I have pasted the config.txt file below that was created this afternoon (removed it). We have been working with a Novell tech person on this, but no fix yet. They had us update the q57.lan driver, which didn't work.

Any suggestions of where to look for the problem would be appreciated. Now that I manually typed that logger screen error message just now to repost this message, that DXEvent seems rather old, and for the wrong DS version??

Thanks - April