I recently added an brand spanking new HP ml110 G3 3.0 GHz server with
hardware mirrored SATA drives running NW6.5 SP5 to my network. The old
server is a Home Grown Gigabytes 750 MHz with ATA IDE drives NW6.0 SP5.
Server setting and both installations are the default settings except for
Set Op locks2 = OFF and Client File caching =OFF.
To my surprise the new server is obviously slower the old "dog"
For example testing a 200,000 record database yields the following speed
NW6.0sp5 NW6.5sp5 %
750MHz 3.0 GHz Diff
Read Only :32 :35 91%
Write Only 1:34 2:46 82%
Read/Write 2:12 3:32 69%

I realize there a lot of components and other factors that go into the
processing, but can anyone tell me of any settings on the server that could
cause the performance. Any other ideas?