I'm going nuts (not a long trip at this point) with my attempt to install NW
6.5 on a brand-new HP ProLiant ML150 G3 server with embedded SATA
controller. No matter WHAT I do so far the install freezes right after the
Novell logo splash screen, when the language selection screen comes up.
I've tried reconfiguring the SATA drives in the BIOS (every possible
option), I've tried 3 different overlay versions of the NW 6.5 install CD
(downloaded ISO images), all of which have successfully installed on other
servers; most recent is the SP6 version. I've even tried replacing the
server's DVD drive with a genuine CD drive, and swapped it out with a
40-wire IDE cable instead of the shipping 80-wire cable.

I've tried copying the CD to the hard drive and running it from there, with
the same result. At the moment I'm on the phone with HP support, but so far
they're coming up with nothing.

The machine is supposed to be NW 6.5 compatible, too.

Thanks for