We would like to allow 8 - 12 users to be able to access files (not
applications or databases, only WordPerfect, Word and Excel documents)
on our Netware SBS 6 SP5 server remotely. Is iFolder the best way to go
to accomplish this?

We have two NW 6 servers, our main server with an internal ip address
where our files our stored and a WEB server with an internal 1p on one
NIC and an external ip on a second NIC, the WEB server is currently only
being used to run a secondary GroupWise domain with GW WebAccess, Apache
and Tomcat.

We currently have 5 assigned IP addresses from our ISP but are only
using 2 of them

The WEB server currently has Netware 6 SP5 installed, but we also have a
license for Netware 6 Small Business Suite, so we could install that if
it would be better for what we need.

We would like to have direct access to the files on our main server
rather than access to copies of the files located outside of our
existing file structure - e.g., the remote users would like to open a
file currently located on the main server volume

Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

David Dexter