I'm doing a hardware replacement for my Tree CA. Everything I read
seems pretty straight forward, but I can't seem to find a clear answer
about patching the systems.

Should the destination server (containing the temp tree with the
pre-migration install of OES) be patched to the same service pack level
as the source server? In my case, my source is a 6.5 SP4a. Destination
is the base OES Netware (6.5 SP3).

Some documentation seems to indicate that you just install OES with the
pre-migration template and leave it alone. Other places say make sure
you have the latest patches, but seem to imply that is only for the
source server. I've heard of problems using service pack overlay CD's
to install your base OS, so I've stuck with vanilla OES Netware (AKA 6.5

Can anyone point me at a TID or something I missed in the documentation
(yes I actually read it) that can clarify this?

Thank you.