I have upgraded our two NW65 servers from SP5A to SP6. One server had no
problems (with a Promise SATA RAID card) but the other (with an Adaptec SATA
RAID card) would not load any volumes after it rebooted. I have seen
similar problems before and usually re-loading the previous controller
driver (in this case, AACRAID) and SCSIHD will fix the problem. As I did
select to keep a backup, I was able to do this but still I could not load
any volumes. Interestingly, there is also an IDE HDD with it's own pool and
volume which also would not load (just uses IDEHD). I tried loading earlier
(SP5A) NSS NLMs but they would not load due to dependencies. I ended up
rolling it all back to SP5A and it all worked OK again. However, I still
would like to move forward to SP6. Has anyone had a similar experience and
if so, how did you get it working?

Thanks in advance.